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Welcome to Sangeeta Foundation
In India the awareness on organ donation is very less but the need of organ is very much higher.Donating organs is a great deed as donating life to other. It is estimated that in India every year over 100,000 people are diagnosed to have kidney failure and would be needing a transplantation. Due to non-availability of organs only about 2,500 kidney transplants are done. The same thing happens for eye and other organ donations as well.

When a person in your family, relative, friends expire.. all you need to do is call the donor bank, and they come to your place, take 5 minutes time, issue a certificate, and two people get eyesight... how difficult is that??? Please keep the telephone number of your city handy.

Call Toll Free number across India for any information on organ donation or to donate organ at:

1919 Imp numbers for Delhi & Mumbai (using MTNL)

1. Information Service on Eye Bank is 1919
2. Centralized Accident & Trauma Service 1099
3. Information Service on Blood Bank is 1910
4. Dial a Doctor 1911

If you need to know for any other particular city, please tell us which one, we shall find out and let you know. And anyway, we are trying to get together the latest numbers for all cities, shall publish in this website once we collected them all.
Greate woman who donate her organ and saved so many lives.